Basics of Riding

How To Mount Horse

Who is mounting

You are mounting.


What is mounting?

Getting on the horse.


Why am I mounting?

You want to ride a horse…. right?


Where am I mounting?

Best place for newbs is in an enclosed riding arena.


When am I mounting?

If your new to riding, hopefully when your riding instructor tells you to mount.


How am I mounting?

I’ve made a video a while back to show you just that. I have two different ways to mount. With and without a mounting block. I suggest all people learn to mount from the ground, because there will be times when you have to. Most likely you’ll be out on the trail when you have to mount from the ground. It is also a good test of your fitness level. You want a certain level of fitness. Riding is an athletic en-devour after all, as much as people think good riders just sit there and the horse does all the work.)  You may use a mounting block you definitely don’t want to be dependent on it. There are exceptions to mounting on the ground, such as your horse is tall and you’re short, you have a limiting ability because of arthritic hips or knees…etc.


Watch Video On Mounting Below


I hope this video was helpful in teaching you how to mount a horse or at least give you a better understanding.

If you find that you encounter difficulties with mounting please comment down below what issues you are having. I will be writing a blog post on problem solving for mounting in the future.

Cheers & God Bless




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