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What To Wear To Your First Riding Lessons

Dear Newb,

You are here because you are wondering what you need to wear for your first riding lesson or trail ride. First off you should call up the stables and see if there is a dress code. Also ask if they provide helmets, as this will save you money. However it is best you buy your own helmet for reasons I will explain below along with what you will want to wear.

You don’t need fancy riding clothes but you want to wear clothes that are comfortable and safe.

There are many ways you can get hurt around horses an unfortunate but true statement. You don’t want your clothes to be one of the reasons you get hurt.

Disclaimer: If you are looking to buy riding clothes. There are affiliate links to recommended riding products.


Make sure you don’t wear pants with big inseams, because this rubs your inner leg and will most likely result in sores or blisters. Shorts can also cause the same problem, so don’t wear shorts.

I am guessing you don’t have riding breeches, seeing as you are new to this. Jeans are okay but I would suggest you wear jeggings or leggings, because they are stretchy, flexible and overall pretty comfortable for riding, but can be slippery. When you commit to riding, buy breeches, they come with knee patches or full seat for the extra wear and tear and the suede gives extra security.

Recommended Breeches

These are breeches I have tried before. Make sure you know your waist size because the sizes go by waist size.

The Economic Choice (runs a little small): TuffRider Women’s Starter Low Rise Pull-On Breech

The Comfortable Choice: Kerrits Performance Tight Flow Rise Black

The Flattering Choice: Ovation Celebrity Slim Full Seat Breech


Tall socks are good for extra protection from rubs on your lower legs. Make sure you have supportive comfortable undergarments… lot’s if bouncing… enough said.



You don’t want to wear long baggy shirts or jackets. You may get caught and it’s harder for your instructor to see your riding position. You don’t want to wear tank tops because if you fall off you are more likely to scratch up your shoulders and it may not be appropriate.

I suggest you wear fitted shirts and jackets, short enough you aren’t sitting on them, or tuck your shirt in. Polo shirts usually work well for riding and look presentable but a regular fitted t-shirt works as well.



You don’t want to wear sneakers, high heels, or sandals. Horses are heavy animals and if they step on your feet without proper protection, then you may have a very painful situation.

You should wear a hard leather toed shoe with a definite heel and a smooth toe. Your toes will be more protected and your feet will be less likely to slide through the stirrup when you are riding.

If you don’t have a heel and your foot slides through the stirrup and you happen to fall off your foot may get stuck and you can get dragged by the horse. Proper footwear is a necessary safety measure.

Recommended Paddock Boots:

The Economic Choice (runs a little small):TuffRider Women’s Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots

The Comfortable Choice (good for wider feet):Ariat Womens Heritage Round Toe Zip Paddock

The Good Quality Choice(also comfy good for regular or narrow feet):Ariat Womens Heritage Breeze Lace Paddock



Finally the helmet. Always wear one and more specifically an ASTM/SEI approved helmet, not a bike helmet. They are specifically tested for the rigors of horseback riding.

I have fallen off many times and helmets have really saved my butt or should I said head. I said earlier that you should call and ask if the farm provides helmets. Now this may be okay for temporary use but definitely get your own helmet if you continue to ride.

I will explain why. Someone may have had lice. Other people are sweating in those helmets. The helmets may be damaged if a previous rider had fallen and hit their head, the integrity may be compromised even if it is not totally visible. Lastly it is hard to find a perfect fitting helmet when you borrow one. It is much safer to have a helmet that fits properly.

Recommended Helmets:

The Economic Choice:Troxel Sport Helmet

The Comfortable Choice:Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet

The Fashionable Choice:Troxel Rebel Helmet


These are the basics that you are going to want to wear to your first riding lessons.

If you decide that riding is something you want to continue with then you should purchase the actually clothing and equipment.

There are a few other items you would want to purchase if you made the commitment. I will make a future post for Everyday Riding Gear and Clothing.

What is your favorite brand of breeches and why?

Cheers and God Bless


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