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Guide To Horse Ownership

Basics of Riding

How To Ride || The Canter

Dear Newb, The expression goes that you should learn to walk before you try to run. Cantering is fun, it is the gait that comes after the trot. It’s faster…

Basics of Riding

How To Dismount Horse

Who is dismounting? You are dismounting.   What is dismounting? Getting off the horse.   Why am I dismounting? Because you can’t stay on the horse for the rest of…

Getting Started

Choosing a Lesson Barn

Dear Newb, Looking to taking horseback riding lessons? How do you know which barn is right for you? Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to ride, just kind of stumbled…

Basics of Riding

How To Mount Horse

Who is mounting You are mounting.   What is mounting? Getting on the horse.   Why am I mounting? You want to ride a horse…. right?   Where am I…